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The Tricycle Collective Raises More Than $30,000 To Help Fight Tax Foreclosures

Although there has been some progress made over the last few years, the threat of Detroit residents losing their homes to tax foreclosures is still a real thing. For a variety of reasons, 1,800 occupied homes are on the block for the October 13 auction. Some are very poor, others have been paying rent to shady landlords who haven’t been paying the taxes on the properties while collecting rent. Some of the properties, according to The Tricycle Collective, are over-assessed and so have inflated...

UPDATE: The Tricycle Collective Made An Impact By Keeping Detroiters In Homes

We reported on Michele Oberholtzer’s fundraising initiative known as the Tricycle Collective early last month. The effort helps to keep 10 Detroit families in their homes by contributing $500 toward the purchase of the homes that were for sale in the Wayne County Tax-Foreclosure Auction. Here’s an update. Of the nine homes that were won in the auction, five were purchased for the round two starting bid price of $500.  The other four homes were purchased with $500 as an addition to the money th...

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