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City Of Detroit To Hold #DetGovChat Thursday On Twitter

The city of Detroit has been working to embrace various technologies and channels of social media since the Duggan administration took over. Previously, we brought you the story of how Detroit’s using data to improve the city’s transparency with the public. But Thursday is a chance for you, the public, to weigh in and ask questions. From 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., there will be two leaders available to chat about Motor City Match and business development in Detroit. Michael Forsyth is the Busi...

It's So Cold In The D: February Coldest Since 1875

Over the last week, we’ve been measuring the number of Tweets that mention the phrase “It’s So Cold In The D” aligned with the high and low temperatures for that day. When out of town friends call, they seem to always ask if “it’s so cold in the D,” in reference to a viral video uploaded a few years ago by T-Baby that has had more than 8 million plays. And if you read Daily Detroit, you know we like to dive into data at times. This one we threw to our Irrelevant and Useless Data Division, head...

Tasteless Tweet: No, Not "Everyone Enjoys A Good Race Riot"

Race in Detroit is a very touchy topic. After all, we’ve had a series of events over the history of our city and region where race has become a flashpoint, and lives and property were destroyed. That’s why when a tipster sent us this tweet, we were kind of appalled. @SocialInDetroit is one of Detroit’s larger Twitter accounts with nearly 22,500 followers, and although we kind of feel their feed is more noise than signal, this stuck out. The eyes of the world are on #Ferguson … everyone enjoy...

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