Over the last week, we’ve been measuring the number of Tweets that mention the phrase “It’s So Cold In The D” aligned with the high and low temperatures for that day.

When out of town friends call, they seem to always ask if “it’s so cold in the D,” in reference to a viral video uploaded a few years ago by T-Baby that has had more than 8 million plays. And if you read Daily Detroit, you know we like to dive into data at times. This one we threw to our Irrelevant and Useless Data Division, headed by Al Caholic and Seymour Butts (fake names, if you couldn’t tell). We could wax poetic about history like has been done more than a few times, but we figured we’d find another, not-so-meaningful metric to talk about the cold.

Obviously, the cold has frozen our brains and we can’t wait for spring. We embedded the Beavis and Butthead version above as the swear words are bleeped out. Here’s the original “It’s So Cold In The D.”

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