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9 Year Old Breaks Board, Learns Life Lesson In Moving Viral Video

The video named “Working Through Emotional Barriers,” shows instructor Shärath Jason Wilson comforting a tearful young boy named Bruce Collins III. Shot in the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy in the Midtown neighborhood of Detroit, the clip has garnered more than 1,000,000 views and counting, and touches on some of the issues facing people today. After attempting to break the board a few times, Collins finally does it but while crying. His instructor who has more than 20...

WATCH: "Detroit" Game Trailer Shows Off A Futuristic Detroit Packed With People And Androids

The detail on this is pretty impressive, from the Guardian Building to the Spirit of Detroit, and much more.  Announced today at Sony’s Paris Games Week news conference today, the next installment  from Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream is called Detroit.  Detroit: Become Human looks at what happens when Kara, a highly functioning android, leaves her factory and explores a life she wasn’t designed for. At least this modern Detroit has what looks like to be at first blu...

CHECK IT! Detroit's Own Jamaican Queens Premier New Video

In the seemingly endless sea that is the Detroit music scene, it’s rare that a band captures our collective attention span for more than a brief, shimmering moment. Every once in a while, though, a majestic group of wizards appear to leave us all feeling like a high school students again, feeling the liberating effects of our first Mike’s Hard Lemonade. For the past several years, Jamaican Queens have been just that for music fans in Detroit and beyond. Formed in 2012 by Ryan Spencer and Ada...

WATCH: Inside The Gates Of The Stunning Abandoned Belle Isle Zoo

We don’t share this video to celebrate in Detroit ruin; we do it to raise awareness because this place could and reasonably should come back to life in some way. The Belle Isle Zoo was something many city-dwellers loved when it was open. It never was as big as the counterpart in Royal Oak, but to many in the city, it was the zoo they could actually get to. The zoo was opened in 1895 and it has sat closed since 2002. Now, the State of Michigan controls Belle Isle under a 30 year leas...

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