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Look inside Detroit's new Warby Parker retail store (PICS)

Saturday was the first official day open for the new Warby Parker location on Woodward in downtown Detroit. The store seemed to have a steady stream of people coming in and out, and since it’s the newest thing, we thought we’d share some pictures. Located on the original site of the pharmacy of James Vernor, the creator of one of our most iconic drinks, Vernor’s, there’s a hat tip to the history with a soda fountain spigot in the back. The space is very attractive. Woodward from Campus...

Woodward Avenue Warby Parker Has An Opening Date, Moving Into Original Vernors Location

Walnut shelving. Terrazzo flooring. Brass fixtures. A domed ceiling. The art from Detroit artist David Rubello, whose iconic Color Cubes mural graced downtown Detroit for over 40 years. The new Warby Parker store in downtown Detroit may not be the physically largest retail offering to open as of late, but it very well may be among the fanciest. Warby Parker has become popular in recent years due to their frames and lenses being lower priced than most, their style, and ease of ordering and tr...

5 New Detroit Developments Already This Week - August 23, 2016

Detroit’s progress seems to never stop. There simply is so much going on that it might be hard to follow. After all, Facebook and your feeds are a sea of things clamoring for your attention, and it’s easy to miss stuff. We’ve found the best for you. So let’s round it up. 1. Take a look Inside The Royce – Eater has a great look inside the new The Royce Wine Bar.  Rutherford grew up in Michigan and The Royce’s name is a reference to her grandfather, a respected Flint-based detective serge...

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