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PODCAST: "The Race Is Over," Moroun Will Build His Bridge To Canada First With Dave Battagello, Windsor Star

This edition of the Daily Detroit Happy Hour is very timely as Sven Gustafson is talking to veteran reporter Dave Battagello of the Windsor Star about the bridge projects to Canada, the border crossing, and how it affects thousands of people. He’s been the lead guy covering this issue that most of the Detroit media has been silent on, even though long term, it will affect the livelihoods of many citizens of both countries, and there’s important news. There are some key points you’re going...

Report: Bikes Could Be Allowed On The Detroit/Windsor Tunnel Bus Soon

When it comes to crossing the U.S./Canadian border here in Detroit, if you’re a pedestrian or on a bike, there aren’t very many – if any – good options. Unless you’re willing to break the law like this intrepid Steely Dan concertgoer who’s kind of our hero around the office today, you can’t bike through the tunnel. His actions meant he was detained for two hours for questioning but still made the concert. And the Ambassador Bridge isn’t friendly either. Until the late 1930s there were actual...

The Other Detroit River Tunnel No One’s Told You About

How many Detroit River tunnels connect Detroit and Canada? If you said one, you’re wrong. In addition to the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, there’s the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel, the lesser-known of the two. However, the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel is the older tunnel, and it handles freight train traffic. Construction on the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel began in October 1906, and the tunnel opened for trains in July 1910, 20 years before the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel opened. Both tunne...

5 Must Try Restaurants In Windsor, According To A Canadian

This is first in a series of posts contributed as in-kind partnership with WindsorEats, who have been covering the food and drink scene in Windsor and Essex County since 2004. They believe that Windsor and Essex County has some of the best restaurants in Canada and the world, and we think as our neighbors, it’s important to highlight what’s happening on the other side of the river. Daily Detroit will also be contributing pieces to their site. The restaurant landscape in Windsor is constantly c...

10 Things You Think When You Move To Detroit

I’m a native Houstonian, and I moved from the Greater Houston Area to the Metro Detroit area last August. I knew that things would be different – the winters would be colder, for one. However, there were some things that I didn’t anticipate. Take a glimpse into a non-Detroiter’s mind and find out some of the things we think upon moving to the city. 1. Why Can’t I Turn Left? Fortunately, the Michigan left hasn’t caught on in the rest of the nation. However, that means that people who ha...

Agreement Paves Way For Large Expansion of Detroit’s Riverside Park And Room For Maroun's Bridge

The City of Detroit and the Ambassador Bridge Company have struck and agreement that would enable expansion and improvements to Riverside Park and the exterior of Michigan Central Depot. If the agreement is approved by Detroit City Council, the Ambassador Bridge Co. would transfer 4.8 acres of waterfront property to the city. This transfer will allow the city to expand Riverside Park to the west. The Bridge Co. would also pay the city $3 million to be invested in Riverside Park improvements....

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