This is first in a series of posts contributed as in-kind partnership with WindsorEats, who have been covering the food and drink scene in Windsor and Essex County since 2004. They believe that Windsor and Essex County has some of the best restaurants in Canada and the world, and we think as our neighbors, it’s important to highlight what’s happening on the other side of the river. Daily Detroit will also be contributing pieces to their site.

The restaurant landscape in Windsor is constantly changing with innovative new restaurants popping up all over the city. It’s tough these days to decide what restaurant to choose, but we’ll help make that decision a little easier for you. Check out our top five must-try restaurants in Windsor. We’re sure you’ll be drooling and out the door by the end! 


1. Motor Burger

Motor Burger needs to be a staple in every burger lovers diet. They’re not only known as one of the best burger joints in Windsor, but worldwide. Motor Burger was featured on the Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here!” and named one of the top 5 best burgers in Canada by Readers Digest.

Think that’s impressive? Try being named one of the best burgers in the world, outside of the U.S. by Thrillist! If that doesn’t convince you that Motor Burger is a must than head down to Erie street and try one of their world renowned burgers, like the F-1 (my personal favourite) for yourself. And what goes perfectly with a burger? A fresh in house pint of Motor Craft Ales finest. Their beers are handcrafted with the same authenticity as their burgers. For a burger dining experience unlike any other, you gotta check out Motor Burger.

888 Erie Street East – Windsor, Ontario


Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

2. Tiki Sushi

The next favourite on the list is located just steps from Motor Burger and is an example of just how amazingly diverse Windsor really is. Windsor is the fourth most ethnically diverse city in Canada and it can’t be more showcased more than Tiki. Sushi and Japanese cuisine, located in Windsor’s Via Italia (little Italy) and made by a Greek!

Their stylish décor and modern music selection sets the mood, but it’s their fresh and eclectic menu that keeps people rolling in. Tiki Sushi specializes in sushi, ceviche, fish tacos and their ever so popular oysters, which are offered for $1 as part of their infamous Buck-a-shuck feature.

900 Erie St E – Windsor, Ontario

Photo via Willistead Facebook
Photo via Willistead Facebook

3. The Willistead

The Willistead was a no brainer for our top 5 picks, with their one of a kind menu and superb drink selections. Located in the trendy and popular historic neighbourhood of Walkerville, the Willistead focuses on a farm to fork approach to food, using only the freshest and in season ingredients sourced from farmers around Essex County.

Their menu is an eclectic mix of food items like their delicious beef tongue sliders, or mouthwatering red velvet deviled eggs. The Willistead also offers a delicious selection of signature craft cocktails, which are whipped up behind their beautiful wrap-around bar. They’re also a stop on WindsorEats’ Drinks of Walkerville walking tour, which was named an Ontario Signature Experience.

1840 Wyandotte St E. – Windsor, Ontario

Toscana interior via Facebook
Toscana interior via Facebook

4. Toscana

We’re pretty sure that the crowds of people eagerly waiting for tables on a daily basis is an indication  of why we chose this hot spot as a must try. Chef and owner Jonathaon Reaume, one of Metro Detroit’s most accomplished chefs, provides guests a traditional North American nouvelle cuisine with an added kick of adventure.

Dining at Toscana is more than just a meal, it’s an experience, incorporating a menu that changes to include fresh seasonal ingredients every month. Their drink selections are no exception, challenging guests to step out of their comfort zone to order a signature drinks like their delicious grapefruit and basil cocktail. If you’re coming for an all-around dining experience, then Toscana is right up your alley, but reservations are strongly recommended because half the city has the same idea.

3891 Dougall Avenue – Windsor, Ontario

Main bar at the Giovanni Caboto Club, via website
Main bar at the Giovanni Caboto Club, via website

5. Giovanni Caboto Club

Most Windsorites know that when it comes to pizza, we’re number one! Windsor is known for their delectable pizza locations, but there’s one spot that’s definitely a must try if you’re craving a slice of cheesy goodness. Giovanni Caboto Club pizza is located in the members lounge in the lower level of the Caboto Club. The older look and feel may throw a few of you for a loop, but that’s all part of the experience.

While the pizza here isn’t in the traditional Windsor style, we still consider it one of the best in the city. Caboto Club is one of South Western Ontario’s oldest Italian clubs, which lends to the deliciousness of their authentic pizza, baked in a wood burning oven. They also have unreal weekly pizza deals, like their buy one get one for $2, or Saturday night all you can eat.

2175 Parent – Windsor, Ontario

Editor’s Note: Out of consideration for our Canadian friends at WindsorEats, we’ve left the “u” in “favourite” and “neighbourhood.” 

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