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🎧 Meet the new Throwbacks Home (ft. Kyle Dubay)

Today, we’re getting out the studio and heading to Detroit’s Capitol Park. We’re visiting the newly-opened Throwbacks Home – a showroom and retail space in the old Lover’s Only burger spot. But instead of double patties with cheese, it’s a double helping of design. If you’re not familiar, Thowbacks Home is a new venture of Woodward Throwbacks, powered by a couple of the most interesting entrepreneurs in Detroit, Bo Shepherd and Kyle Dubay. You might be one of their nearly 70,0...

A First Look Inside The New All-American Woodward Thowbacks On Michigan Avenue

On Michigan Avenue, just west of the Lodge and east of the iconic Hygrade Deli and Mike’s Famous Ham Shop, is a low-slung storefront building that contains the new retail store and woodworking shop of Woodward Throwbacks. If you’re an Eastern Market regular, you may have seen the wares created by Detroit residents Kyle Dubay and Bozenka “Bo” Shepherd – from furniture to bottle openers – made all of reclaimed and repurposed materials, much of it from illegal dumping sites. One man’s tras...

Two Detroit Kickstarter Projects Kick Local Entrepreneurs Into High Gear

Kickstarter became famous in Detroit for helping to fund the (to some) infamous Robocop statue, which raised $67,000 to fund what at the time was sort of known as a hipster joke. It drew criticism at the time for raising money for basically something that nobody needs at all.  Since then, the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has grown and has helped to fund a lot of cool things around the world and in Detroit. Two notable success stories lately are Woodward Throwbacks and Hemingwrite, which h...

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