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The Bobcat and the reflecting pool // Woodward re-opens // Old radio building fate uncertain

Hello Wednesday! Producer Shianne is in studio and we talk about the stories and events of that interest us… plus, Jer shares a yarn his pops told him about his bobcat when he went to Wayne State in the 60s. 01:38 – Shianne brought some of the new Caribou in the studio to try from the new Ferndale location. Do the vibes live up? 07:00 – The Woodward road diet in Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge is finished for the season, and traffic has opened up so we can get a better look at what was built...

A Detroit First: The First Government Licensed Radio Station

Today marks a special anniversary, especially if you have ever turned on a radio. The first licensed by the federal government radio station in the United States was right here in Detroit – 8MK, now WWJ-Radio on this date – August 20, 1920 – started broadcasting at 8:15 a.m. to about 30 homes fortunate enough to have a receiver. The station was owned by the Detroit News, and at first broadcasted from their building and operated with an amateur license, which in 1922 was changed to commerc...

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