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Previewing Dearborn Restaurant Week

On the show today, our guest for our fun Friday is Sam Abbas of Dearborn Restaurant Week, The Great Commoner and Brome Modern Eatery in Dearborn. The event starts today and runs through March 12. We get into the restaurants participating, the food you can try and more. More about Dearborn Restaurant Week: https://www.dearbornrestaurantweek.com/ If you want to check out The Great Commoner: https://www.instagram.com/greatcommoner/ Then we discuss a couple of stories around town. The mortgage in...

Dolly Parton appreciation; Chroma opens; Northville shuts down streets permanently

From very south of Woodward, your Daily Detroit. Jer chimes in from the road and Devon's at home. We talk about: Dolly Parton to her Imagination Library book program that serves kids 0-5 in select Detroit zip codes (and parts of the rest of the nation); Plus the Lily Tomlin photo in downtown Seiverville (she's from Detroit, ya know). As to actual stories, Chroma Detroit had an open house and Devon went. Wyandotte is apparently making big moves in being a downtown people want to live in; and...

Go Back In Time This Weekend When You Visit The Nina And Pinta Replicas At Bishop Park In Wyandotte

Have you ever wondered what it was like to travel across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492? If you have this weekend you have a chance to check out replicas of the Nina and Pinta ships that Christopher Columbus used to get to North America. These floating museums can transport you back in time to when travel was much more time consuming. Just think, you won’t have to worry about getting scurvy. The ships are operated by the The Columbus Foundation, which is a non-profit that educates the public o...

Detroit Mass Mob Kicks Off April 30 In Wyandotte

Detroit Mass Mob is, quite literally, a religious experience. The concept is simple. Detroit Mass Mob picks a church and you come to Mass there. As they say, no dancing required. As a group they’re kicking off their fourth season with their thirtieth mass mob that provides a great way to experience the Detroit’s area’s historic churches. This grassroots event allows you to not only enjoy the architecture and communal experience of an important part of Detroit’s past and present, but calls at...

Check Out These 12 Historic & Stunning Detroit Area Homes

Detroit is a city full of historic beauties, some better kept than others. From the Brush Park neighborhood of Detroit to Wyandotte, there are houses that are worth a visit. Though they all started as private residences, today they serve a variety of uses. Some are museums. Some are left vacant, and some remain in use as homes. Take a trip back in time and marvel at these gorgeous historic Metro Detroit homes. 1. Baker House The Henry W. Baker House at 233 South Main Street in Plymouth...

WATCH: Silverdome In Ruins Turns Into Crazy BMX Playground

We’ve highlighted the derelict Pontiac Silverdome before, but now there’s a whole new spin on it. Wyandotte native Tyler Fernengel and Red Bull teamed up to do a video of him as the last professional athlete to perform in what has fallen victim to nature’s power due to the lack of care and investment at the former home of the Detroit Lions. Fernegel, from the suburb of Wyandotte,  just south of Detroit, grew up going to the best sporting events at the stadium and even raced Supercross there...

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