On the show today, our guest for our fun Friday is Sam Abbas of Dearborn Restaurant Week, The Great Commoner and Brome Modern Eatery in Dearborn. The event starts today and runs through March 12. We get into the restaurants participating, the food you can try and more.

More about Dearborn Restaurant Week: https://www.dearbornrestaurantweek.com/

If you want to check out The Great Commoner: https://www.instagram.com/greatcommoner/

Then we discuss a couple of stories around town. The mortgage industry is in a down cycle, and Rocket cutting 7,500 employees or so in the last year - basically as much as a small town - may be one of the factors in the downward trend during the week for downtown Detroit restaurants and bars. Listeners and newsletter readers had been telling us stuff had been happening, but now we have a full picture and idea of scale.

Plus, downtown Wyandotte is building up, rehabbing an old Federal department store building into retail, restaurant and residential. More in the News-Herald: https://www.thenewsherald.com/2023/03/01/former-wyandotte-city-hall-to-be-renovated-into-mixed-use-development/

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