If you’re a regular Daily Detroit reader, you probably already know that innovation happens out of this area on a pretty regular basis. That said, it’s great to see some national exposure.

Here’s how Re/code describes the series:

America is experiencing a boom in technology innovation unprecedented since the Industrial Revolution. And like regional dialects and how we like our pizza, this innovation takes unique form and flavor from one region to the next. In this continuing series of in-depth reports, Re/code takes you on an exploration of these emerging hotspots outside of Silicon Valley and to the leaders driving the modern American revolution.

It’s headed up by well-known tech writer Peter Kafka, and although there aren’t tons of details on who they’ll cover, you shouldn’t be surprised to see some familiar faces. In the video teaser above, it’s Jerry Pfaffendorf from Loveland Technologies, the company that’s using maps to help Detroit inform itself about what it actually has to make better decisions and create opportunities.

Previous cities featured in the project include Boston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The discussion happens online under the hashtag #InnovationNation


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