The DBG (you might know them as the Downtown Boxing Gym) is making some big moves supporting Detroit's youth, along with plans for a new facility.

Khali Sweeney and Peter Fezzey from the organization join me to talk about it more. Then I send you out the door with three stories to know around Metro Detroit.

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00:30 - Ad for City Bird -

01:31 - DBG Conversation with Khali Sweeney and Peter Fezzey

Three things to know:

16:07 - Gleaners has a new store concept to address the growing need for emergency food near Warren and Detroit

17:44 - About 1,000 workers vote to authorize a stroke at the Warren Stamping plant, key to a number of Stellantis brands

18:41 - The office of a U.S. Representative in Detroit was vandalized by protestors

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