Four Daily Detroit contributors around one table? The dream is realized at the new studio in TechTown. Norris Howard, Shianne Nocerini, Devon O’Reilly and Jer talk three of today’s stories that impact Metro Detroit.

00:51 – There’s a hotel proposed for the top of the Michigan Central project in Corktown on the old train station. Is that the best use? Will it be a great way to show off the city?

06:32 – We wax nostalgic about Olga’s, who abruptly closed their Westland location after more than 40 years. Norris had just visited, because it’s one of the few places that has vegan and gluten free options. 

12:55 – What’s up with all these early dinner reservation? The “introvert economy” that has swept across America, says Bloomberg. We just are going out less. The most in demand dinner reservation has moved from 8pm to 5:30p, and it has all kinds of knock on effects. There’s more, too… here’s a link to the piece. We discuss.

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