We’re big fans of the Detroit RiverWalk. Whether it is walking our dogs, enjoying the boats or talking with the people, the Detroit riverfront is a gem that has been reclaimed from heavy industry that blocked access to one of the city’s greatest attractions, the river.

They’re taking the initiative west to Rosa Parks, and near these photos private development is picking up. It’s great to see so much green that everyone will be able to use in the city. Below are photos of what they have already done that gets us excited about the future, courtesy of the Detroit Riverfront Conservatory, and above and the last photo were views we took.

Gabriel Richard Park by the MacArthur Bridge to Belle Isle State Park

Gabriel Richard Park Before and After

 Talon Center

Talon center before and after RiverWalk

 Civic Center over by Cobo Hall

Civic Center Before and After RiverWalk

The Dequindre Cut, a rails to trails reclamation

Dequindre Cut before and after

General Motors plaza by the GM Ren Cen

General Motors Plaza

Rivard Plaza by the carousel

Rivard Plaza

Oh.. And there’s one more thing

West RiverWalk Ambassador Bridge

Also, The West RiverWalk is now open! It spans west of the Central Business District from near the Riverfront Apartments to Rosa Parks Boulevard.

There’s still more work to do, obviously. Detroit is a city with a myriad of challenges that all of us are slogging through together. But sometimes it’s good to have perspective and remember just how far we’ve come.

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