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Gilbert is going to "give it all away" (and more from the Mackinac Policy Conference)

From the Porch of the Grand Hotel at the Mackinac Policy Conference, Jer and Devon talk about the latest happenings around Metro Detroit. There's a mix of heavy and hopeful news on this one. In this episode, we cover: Detroit Riverfront Conservancy Scandal: Fresh developments reveal that up to $40 million may have been embezzled from the nonprofit fund. The FBI is investigating, and the potential fallout could impact local black developers and businesses. Dan Gilbert’s Philanthropic Vision: A...

Riverfront Conservancy CFO being investigated // Detroit sues over Census count // One of the most beautiful restaurants in America

Norris Howard is in for an episode full of stories that didn't exist less than 24 hours ago. 00:38 - The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy CFO is put on leave over allegations of financial mismanagement, including a call for criminal charges. We discuss, as the Riverfront has been one of those organizations that has kept going through lots of hardships in the city. Crain's Detroit - Det...

These 6 Before And After Photos Show You Just How Far The Detroit Riverfront Has Come

We’re big fans of the Detroit RiverWalk. Whether it is walking our dogs, enjoying the boats or talking with the people, the Detroit riverfront is a gem that has been reclaimed from heavy industry that blocked access to one of the city’s greatest attractions, the river. They’re taking the initiative west to Rosa Parks, and near these photos private development is picking up. It’s great to see so much green that everyone will be able to use in the city. Below are photos of what they have already...

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