Devon O'Reilly is in as he is on Fridays:

- Jer checked out the renovated SpkrBox (former Urban Bean) and it's quite the mid century modern spot in Capitol Park

- Devon went to the Traverse City Whiskey tasting room in Ferndale

- We get into the nitty-gritty of the Hudson's tower situation; the request for additional incentives, the complicated factors at play with the DDA and how that works, and why the University District is looking to tax itself extra for basic services the city doesn't provide.

- Devon chimes in after the episode this week with Dr. Paul Thomas about another secondary reason that the Roe v Wade decision and how Michigan deals with it matters: The race for talent, and how Michigan can either go up or down

- There's a new shuttle running on Belle Isle from the Scott Fountain to the Conservatory to help alleviate traffic issues.

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