Zagat is one of the best known guides and sites for drinking and dining around the country.

New this year, their 30 under 30 award for hospitality “rock stars” around the country includes two in the Detroit area.

The two entrants are both from restaurants you may have heard of.

The 28 year old “Flowers of Vietnam” chef and co-owner George Azar. Flowers of Vietnam has become a darling of the foodie scene, so much so that they’ve had to temporarily close for renovations to bring what was the former Vernor Coney Island up to snuff to keep the project going.

The other is Neal Murakami, the 24 year old executive sous-chef of Forest in the suburb of Birmingham. It specializes in American food with a seemingly European flair, and was recently re-opened as a fine dining destination that has gotten many plaudits.

Here’s how they describe those who qualify, which is based on “undeniable awesomeness”:

Qualifications for this year’s 30 Under 30 list include being under the age of 30 (duh), currently working at a restaurant / cafe / bar / brewery / distillery / farm / bakery, etc. and, finally, undeniable awesomeness.

The semifinalist round is 60 people. There will be another round in June that knocks it down to 45, and September will be the actual awarding.

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