Yesterday we posted about “The Wig,” a skatepark being brought to fruition by Community Push and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Today, the fundraising campaign has been suspended indefinitely because the City of Detroit has sold the Wigle Recreation Center to developers, which apparently has been the goal for the property for some time now.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Wigle Recreation Center is being sold by the city. Community Push and the MEDC is looking for alternative spaces within the city for our future skate park. Please look out for updates when we find a spot and reactivate our campaign” – The Wig’s Patronicity page

According to an article by Curbed Detroit last March, it is possible that the site could be annexed as an expansion of the nearby Woodbridge Estates development.

Wherever The Wig ends up, we hope that the project moves forward with the steam is already has behind it. We are also certain that there is plenty of space in the various neighborhoods of Detroit for a skatepark, and plenty of kids who would make good use of it.

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