It’s great to see so much talent come together for Detroit. Check out behind the scenes of the “Detroit vs. Everybody” music video that took fire online recently. It’s interesting to listen to the director and the artists involved and hear their love for the city – and portraying the city as it actually is.

A couple of interesting quotes:

“We felt like this was a good time for us to have that unified front and show the world that unity that Detroit has been missing. We get a bad rap as a city. Every time you hear something about Detroit it’s either about the violence or something stupid. So you know, we as pioneers… not only did they pioneer by coming up with this brand, we decided to do something from a music perspective that kinda captures this same feel. I’m just proud to be a part of it.” – Royce Da 5’9

“Detroit really had a great year as a whole, as a city. The city is rebuilding, you can see it from downtown up. It’s a great way to top the year off.” – Big Sean

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