Sure, this video is technically a commercial. But it’s also a well-produced look into the founding of Slow Roll, the iconic bike ride that originated here in Detroit.

Sure, they’ve received a lot of press and placements, but it’s for a reason. Getting thousands of people out every week for a bike ride is actually an impressive feat.

The nearly four minute piece produced by Kryptonite (the day they shot, members, by the way, got a bike light) touched on how for a long time the founders of the ride, Jason Hall and Mike MacKool had an event that just had a few people. Then, about a year and a half in, it was around 300 and it just started getting larger. It also talks about his personal story, about how a bike changed him.

Now, it’s six years in and still pedaling along.

Slow Roll is a fun thing to participate in. You really might not understand it until you do it – and then there’s a feeling of “we’re in this together.” And, as shown from our Instagram yesterday, their “SQUAD” of volunteers that takes care of riders comes through in a pinch.

Shout out to #Squad #Slowroll #flat #biking

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There are just a couple rides left before the end of the season. To roll, you need to become a Slow Roll member on their site – they have options for any price level, so that you pay what you can afford. But, the top tier comes with a nifty t-shirt.

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