One of the most interesting changes in the Metro Detroit business landscape over the last few years has been the increase of entrepreneurial small businesses being launched in the area.

Whether it’s clothing brands like Detroit Hustles Harder or Detroit vs. Everybody, or drinking vinegars from McClary Bros., Metro Detroit is  booming with creative minds looking to make a buck by putting their entrepreneurial skills to work in a area that’s ripe with opportunity.

One such story is that of the Original Stix brand. The Detroit-based business has enjoyed significant success in its short lifetime, manufacturing cell phone cases built with the remains of broken hockey sticks used in actual NHL games. You can read more about them here.

Founder Terry Johnson was recently featured on the CNBC show ‘Pitch to Rich’, where small business owners pitch their idea to Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson.

Hear Johnson discuss the development of his business in this video, and be sure to check out their line up of products.

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