I don’t know about you, but creative videos that highlight Detroit’s beauty and not its bad side never seem to get old. The seemingly endless stream of ruin porn born out of Detroit’s demise is played out, boring, and although we still have a lot of work to do, doesn’t fully represent where we’re at anymore.

Sure, the bulk of the city remains blighted and blown out, and there is still much discussion on how to handle that. But the areas that are growing and improving are doing so quickly, and the results are beautiful.

It’s refreshing when an artist or filmmaker looks beyond the obvious draw of our ruin porn kingdom to capture some of the city’s more subtle beauty.

Case in point: This elegant time-lapse video by Tyler Cohoon. In this video, made over the last year since he moved downtown, we see a city bustling with beauty and life – folks driving to and from work, ice skating in Campus Martius, and getting around town on the people mover. All of this mixed in with a healthy dose of aerial shots and a nice soundtrack makes for a video that will make your heart fuzzy with hometown warmth.

Enjoy, Detroit.

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