“I think the more the world finds out about this stuff, it’ll get raised up to the level of a New York style thin crust pizza or a deep dish Chicago pizza” – Aaron Cozadd, Executive Chef, Vinsetta Garage

Detroit ex-pat and food writer for Zagat Kelly Dobkin moved to New York 10 years ago, but on a recent trip back she’s revisiting her childhood food memories such as coneys and pizza, and what makes them unique. Not only will you get a little history lesson in this video, you’ll also see how a few restaurants are starting to put gourmet spins on these Detroit classics.

In the video you’ll see some local notables, including Lucy Carnaghi from Rose’s Fine Foods, Michael Jackman from the Metro Times, Grace Keros the owner of American Coney Island, Michael Jacobs the owner of Buddy’s Pizza, Aaron Cozadd the executive chef of Vinsetta Garage, and others.

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