Detroit never ceases to disappoint when it comes to entertaining political stories. This one might take the cake so far this year.

Mayoral candidate Coleman Young Jr. has posted the above rap video on his Facebook page with Ciara Sharda and Beezy called, “We Be Winning.”

Lyrics include, “With Coleman Young in the office, yeah we can make a change”

“Detroit City, we be winnin’.. always stay positive and don’t forget it.”

That’d be interesting enough. But two minutes in, the video takes a hard turn.

Young Jr. goes into a rambling speech for his candidacy. But something caught our ears at the end. We’re including the whole paragraph because it’s kind of mind blowing.

“For that reason alone, that’s why we running, right there… That you can do that to somebody and they family, and you can cover up someone’s murder, and cost the county millions of dollars and not be held to account. That is why we are running. That can not.. that mentality can not represent us in the Manoogian. That’s why we running. We got enough of that going on, white supremacy going on, in the country. We can not have that in the Manoogian,” said Young, Jr.

He’s referring to the Manoogian Mansion, where the mayor of Detroit traditionally lives. And although he didn’t call out Mayor Mike Duggan by name, it’s clear who he meant, or at least the office he controls.

That’s a pretty hefty charge. What say you?

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