Michigan and Detroit have some foods that are special. Pasties and Pannukakku from the north, then Faygo and Coneys from the D. But what happens when they’re dropped on those from the west coast that are without a clue what they’re about to enjoy? Well, that’s what Movoto just did.

We know that they limited it to four but what about Mackinac Island Fudge? The Flint coney? Or Better Made? Not to mention the fact that the guy about 30 seconds in thinks potatoes are the only thing here (umm… Apples… Cherries….)

For us, and many Michiganders, all are winners. We don’t care what those west coasters think. Now to load up some Vernors with Canadian Club and drink the Ambassador Bridge (some do it with Faygo Rock’n Rye instead of Vernors, too).

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