Samantha White is locally known as the producer and creator of “Shakespeare in Detroit,” and with this little number, it takes it to another level. She specializes in site-specific theatre, where the play comes to where people are at. This scene discusses the complications of a forbidden romance … over coneys.

The short video above was produced for Southwest: The Magazine. It’s charming to see such costuming and language at one of Detroit’s iconic establishments. There’s a multi-page spread that you can read online in digital magazine format. It’s great to see purveyors of culture in the D get highlighted. If you’d like to learn more about Shakespeare in Detroit, check them out here.

Oh, but there’s one more thing.

Below you’ll find a video of “The Tempest” being performed in the Belle Isle Conservatory. The scene is that the spirit Ariel confronts Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian about their plot to banish Prospero to the island.

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