“What I really like about Detroit is the old architecture, the old buildings. It’s like a whole piece in itself.” – Evan Rossell

With more than 90,000 plays, apparently folks thought this one interesting. This mini-documentary called “Nothing Stops Detroit” features Californian Evan Rossell and is by Riley Blakeway. It is shot in Super 8 and 16mm film and has a jazz soundtrack to it that gives it an interesting pace and a feel as if it was shot in another era. Moreover, it shows the intense allure that Detroit has for street artists and the thrill they find doing their thing on old buildings.

It was selected both for the 2014 Byron Bay International Film Festival and the 2014 Semi-Permanent Short Film Showcase. The video project was also supported by Skullcandy, the headphone brand.

One thing to note … both the Packard Plant and Brewster projects are in a different condition than when the video was shot in 2013. The Packard has been undergoing a massive cleaning and security upgrade due to new ownership, and the Brewster Projects are completely gone and leveled earth.

Street art is a pretty controversial topic in Detroit, including the discussion on the boundaries on what is art and what’s defacement.

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