This time lapse video is a visual feast and shows some of the best of Detroit.

Originally produced after the North American International Auto Show (it is almost that time of year again), this video called “On The Road: Witnessing Rays Of Hope In Detroit” is starting to make the rounds again to a wider audience. It was done by OSK (Oliver Schrott Kommunication), and here are some words from Steve Smith (his in-depth blog post is worth a read)…

For those living under a rock, Detroit has been frequently featured in national news as being the largest U.S. municipality to ever file for bankruptcy. But as a native of the area (and one who returns fairly often) I can tell you that there are still a great many positive attributes the city has, and on top of those there’s been an influx in entrepreneurialism and considerable growth as of late – one that I haven’t seen the likes of at any point in my memory.

The video highlights some of Detroit’s gems including Eastern Market, The Guardian Building, Shinola, the inside of the Ponyride co-working space (including The Empowerment Plan), the old Piquette Plant with its historic cars, the stylish Two James Tasting Room, Green Dot Stables, Greektown, and more.

The time lapse film was done by Eric Hines, a professional in the field (and it shows in this video), who followed Steve through the city. We know it’s not the newest thing, but we also know you all might just enjoy it.

We’ll close with Smith’s words:

So while we may not know if the best is really yet to come for Detroit, it seems the worst is over – and we all know the saying “there’s nowhere to go but up.” So while it might be cold right now (and we don’t blame you if the weather keeps you away; this winter has been terrible), do come visit when it warms up – you might be pleasantly surprised.

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