When you talk about media and Detroit, no longer can you just speak about what’s broadcast traditionally or print. The internet is a thing now, and it’s not going away.

One of the vids that caught our eye this week was a tour of Detroit by none other than Mr. Foamer Simpson (a.k.a. Foamie) who has a passionate national following around style and culture. The New York native is not only is he a leading sneaker connoisseur, he also has a line of products including a “Grizzly Beard” conditioner.

Foamer Simpson and his cohort Young Buckets have been in the YouTube game for about three years, and here’s what Modern Notoriety had to say about their unique style:

These guys have dedicated themselves to not only putting out great content, but stepping out side the box and zig while everyone zags. Originally only creating sneaker content such as reviews, both Foamer and Young Buckets have switched it up over the years and have created a solid fan base for themselves.

The YouTube phenom with nearly 150,000 subscribers was in town to shoot a video, and although that piece hasn’t been released yet, he takes viewers behind the scenes on his trip to the D. Highlights of the piece were in the headquarters of Quicken Loans seeing the legendary mini downtown Detroit, a swing by Santorini in Greektown, and of course, the Detroit riverfront.

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