One of the things that I thought I knew but learned differently when I started this was that I thought most people were on board with growing metro Detroit and Michigan.

I have since learned that is very much not the case, and many don’t think any changes are needed.

Or, it’s an attitude that we don’t have to make any improvements – and good riddance to those who want to leave or don’t come here.

On today’s Daily Detroit for Thursday, June 15th, 2023 – a conversation with Ned Staebler.

He’s the Vice President for Economic Development at Wayne State University and head of Techtown – one of Detroit’s most successful startup and entrepreneurial incubators that’s been in the game for two decades.

I wanted to talk to Ned as he makes a strong, articulate and experienced case why we need to focus on growth as far as people and what people are paid here in Detroit, Metro Detroit, and Michigan.

And how investing in our communities – in things like transit – that are needed to get there. It’s a wide-ranging conversation.

Even if you don’t agree, I hope it makes you think. Feedback as always –

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