Special guest Sam Robinson, reporter for Axios Detroit, joined Norris and Jer at the Daily Detroit studio and we talked about what's going on around town with politics and a little development.

The rundown:

02:22 - What do some of these future local and state campaigns look like? For Michigan Governor and for Detroit Mayor?

10:29 - Norris gets into why he thinks Gretchen Whitmer's gubernatorial campaign was successful.

13:03 - Why don't more Black Detroiters vote progressively?

16:47 - Generational apathy. Outside of loud corners of social media, is Gen Z just tuned out of the process? And why?

28:02 - We get into the often talked about luxury Residences at Water Square and the idea that wealthy people are one part of a complete city.

38:13 Is the rent too high? We conclude by talking what a balanced real estate market in Detroit looks like.

Check out Sam's work: https://www.axios.com/authors/srobinson

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