Today on the show, my guest is State Representative Mike McFall. The 8th House District he serves spans from Madison Heights, through Hazel Park, and into Detroit down into Midtown.

Our conversation is wide-ranging and talks about bridging divides between the city and suburbs, transit, changes in our region in the last couple of decades, and a lot more.

Before going to Lansing, Mike served as a councilperson in Hazel Park, with one of his focuses being on improving the downtown district.

The Rundown:

03:02 – The issue with calling Hazel Park “Hazeltucky”

04:15 – It’s not your fathers Hazel Park

07:35 – New residents coming in

08:13 –  Where young professionals are really going – Hazel Park, Madison Heights, etc.

10:51 – In many ways, the intersection of I-696 and I-75 is a huge draw say realtors

12:10 – With so many changes, it’s time to update the mental map about Metro Detroit

13:54 – How do you handle the responsibility of a house district spanning so many communities with differences in their needs

17:46 – The inner ring areas have changed dramatically

18:37 – Starting a transit caucus in the state legislature

22:46 – What would you say to a constiuent who is against transit?

23:38 “I don’t know how else we’re gonna move our region forward without transit”

24:10 – Do you have a vision of what that could look like?

24:40 – What about public-private partnerships to fund transit?

27:26 – What are things you’re looking forward to in 2024?

29:14 – What do you say to people frustrated with legislative progress in 2023?

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