On your Daily Detroit for Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 – we’re going to talk about a new approach to attainable housing.

As you know, housing prices have been skyrocketing in the city, the region and the state. In fact, Detroit’s area housing prices rose faster than anywhere else in the country.

That’s putting the idea of owning a home out of reach, and maybe we need to look at some new ways of tackling this problem.

That’s where a new program, “Tomorrow’s Housing Innovation Showcase” might come in. In partnership between the Gilbert Family Foundation and the North Corktown Neighborhood Association; they’re trying something different.

I talk with Darnell Adams of the Gilbert Family Foundation about it.


02:12 – What does the Gilbert Family Foundation do?

04:51 – The North Corktown housing program

08:06 – We break down what the “Tomorrow’s Housing Innovation Showcase” is.

09:05 – What does a Community Land Trust do to help keep the housing market attainable?

12:16 – How might financing or a mortgage work with a community land trust?

12:58 – The process of getting participants

14:31 – Square footage of the homes and accessory dwellings

17:23 – What about the timeline?

18:19 – Income, resident or other preferences with this?

20:00 – Could this be scaled to other parts of the city or region?

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