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🧠 What to know

Inside Human I-T on Seven Mile in Detroit

💻 Did you know in Detroit that about 200,000 residents — many of them school-aged children — do not have internet access or a digital device that is not a mobile phone?

To help address this, Human I-T on Seven Mile just west of Livernois provides learning opportunities, connects customers to resources, and serves as a community hub that helps people get and stay connected. The store is the first of its kind to open anywhere in the U.S. and is one of the city of Detroit’s only local electronics stores.

Anyone can shop there, but there are discounts if you’re on any sort of assistance.

Last week they held a celebration of one year of having a physical retail location - people being able to see you and interact is so important here. I thought I’d stop by today and check it out for myself, as technology is such an important part of what we do and the city’s future.

Since Human I-T came to Detroit in 2020, more than 19,000 devices have been distributed to the community.

They’re also partners with the Rocket Classic “Changing the Course” initiative, which has raised $4.3 million to support programs focused on bridging the digital divide. That golf event bringing so many people to the city is just two days away! Man, how time flies.

📸 Shianne Nocerini

🥐 There's a new coffee - bar - event space in Oak Park, and it's called Mother Handsome. Podcast producer Shianne stopped by to get some early pics and give it a try. Living nearby, she's excited it's gonna be a thing.

The name "Mother Handsome" is, according to their website, from a legendary local tavern keeper in the 1800's. Rough and boisterous, kind and welcoming, she got her facetious nickname due to her lack of personal beauty.

As they tell it, Mother Handsome’s place was a widely known stopping spot where travelers could find good food, attentive service and even better liquor.

There was soft opening last week, and that's when Shianne went and took pictures and tried a couple things. Thumbs up.

This is part of a growing scene in Oak Park that is really starting to take off as young professionals move in and the city shakes off their "dry" past. Here's a piece in the Detroit News about it.

You can find Mother Handsome at 14661 W. Eleven Mile Road in Oak Park or online here.

📸 Detroit Riverfront Instagram

🦦 It is the best of times — and the worst of times — for the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.

  • Let's start with the positive you "otter" know about: Not only will there be a bear slide, but also a beaver and otter slide. That's the pic above. Despite the issues (we'll talk about those next) construction is still on pace for projects like the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Centennial Park on the west riverfront, tucked behind the giant post office in Detroit.
  • Now, an update on the bad news around the alleged $40m stolen from the non-profit: It looks like there's a plea deal in the works for former CFO William Smith. [ClickOnDetroit]

📸 City of Detroit

🏘️ East Warren Avenue in Detroit continues to be on the way up, the newest being a groundbreaking of a new public market.

The $5.5 million project, sponsored by the Strategic Neighborhood Fund and the Gilbert Family Foundation, will serve as a hub for local vendors and small businesses to network and sell their products year-round.


The 10,000-square-foot space will also house the East Warren Development Corporation offices.

This project is part of the second phase of the East Warren Development Corporation's plan for the neighborhood, with the first phase dedicated to transforming a former Pizza Hut into a commercial kitchen space.

This public market is expected to increase traffic along the corridor and boost the local economy, while creating a gathering place for the community. [City of Detroit]

black headphones on red surface
Photo by Daniele Franchi / Unsplash

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