Dutch Girl Donuts have been a mainstay in Detroit since 1947, and for good reason. The donuts there are really good.

We have often joked about doing a ranked list of the donuts at Dutch Girl, but have laughed it off as a silly idea.

Until today, when our long standing plans got rained out. We were on that side of town so we decided to just hit up Dutch Girl for a treat.


If you’re wondering why there are no cake donuts on the list, it is because they were already sold out. Which goes to show you just  how good their cake donuts are. I know for a fact that the strawberry cake donut is my husband’s favorite donut from Dutch Girl.

I’ve blabbered enough about our trip, so let me just get this list going. Just remember, we do this crazy stuff so you don’t have to, and every single donut on the list was awesome. This is a best of the best situation.

8. Apple Filled

While we really enjoyed this donut there was not enough filling for our liking. It’s very possible if we had gotten a donut with a good filling to donut ratio it would have been higher on the list.

7. Butter Cream Filled

This donut is tasty, but the filling can get cloyingly sweet pretty quickly.

6. Raspberry Filled

Out of all the jelly donuts we tried today this one had the best flavor, but it was also the sweetest.

5. Strawberry Filled

This donut had the perfect jelly to donut ratio, which is important when you’re eating a filled donut. Plus I really like the strawberry frosting on top.

4. Raisin

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I’m not a fan of raisins, but this donut won me over. There is a nice cinnamon flavor throughout the donut and the raisins offer a bit of texture.

3. Lemon Filled

The lemon filled donuts not only have powdered sugar but area also glazed. I’m sure you’re thinking that it would make it too sweet, but it compliments the tart lemon filling perfectly.

2. Custard Filled

Finding a good custard filled donut is like going home to your childhood home. It’s a classic and Dutch Girl does them justice.

1. Glazed Yeast Donut

The glazed yeast donut was by far our favorite donut today. If a donut shop can’t make a good glazed donut why are they even in business? So many don’t. But Dutch Girl does. It’s the king of donuts, in my humble opinion.

If you want to get your own donuts, Dutch Girl Donuts is open almost all the time. Monday-Saturday 24 Hours, Closed Sunday and Holidays. You’ll find them at 19000 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48203.

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