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Dutch Girl returns // Pistons draft disappointment // Panthers make playoffs

Fletcher Sharpe is in and we're talking about some of the interesting sports - and sweet - stories around town. 01:16 - Dutch Girl Donuts are back Baby! 04:38 - Detroit Piston's disappointing draft lottery spot 12:02 - Michigan Panthers clinch a playoff spot 14:25 - Phoenix Rising, DCFC draw Feedback as always - dailydetroit - at - gmail - dot - com or 313-789-3211 Follow us on Apple Podcasts: https://lnk.to/dailydetroitonapple Or Spotify: https://lnk.to/dailydetroitonspotify Thanks to o...

Dwane Casey out as coach; Dutch Girl building for sale; Detroit City FC doldrums

The building Dutch Girl Donuts was in is being sold; Dwane Casey is out as head coach for the Detroit Pistons; Fletcher and listeners react; Plus we look at the pieces of the Detroit City FC season that just aren't fitting together to make a cohesive whole. We do this show each and every weekday covering what to know and where to go in Metro Detroit on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you listen to shows. Plus, our new round of etched Daily Detroit rocks glasses are here. They're only for...

8 Amazing Dutch Girl Donuts, Ranked

Dutch Girl Donuts have been a mainstay in Detroit since 1947, and for good reason. The donuts there are really good. We have often joked about doing a ranked list of the donuts at Dutch Girl, but have laughed it off as a silly idea. Until today, when our long standing plans got rained out. We were on that side of town so we decided to just hit up Dutch Girl for a treat.   If you’re wondering why there are no cake donuts on the list, it is because they were already sold out. Which goes...

11 Ways to Get Your Pumpkin Fix This Fall

It’s that time in the year when the most anticipated flavor makes its return … Pumpkin. These days, you can find it just about anywhere in just about anything. From lattes, to cheesecake, to ice cream and yes, even alcohol — this flavor has made itself stand out from the rest. Some of the local places in Detroit have many different delicacies to curve your pumpkin spice craving, so we’ve put together a list for you to do just that. 1. Pumpkin Spice Waffle Frozen Custard Sandwich: The Custar...

Here Are 9 Ways To Get Your Detroit Area National Donut Day Fix

Nothing says “Happy Friday” like a deep-fried, ring-shaped, glazed delicacy on National Donut Day. The whole nation is celebrating, and Detroit is no different. That’s right, there’s a national day for everything, and National Donut Day may be the best one yet, especially in Detroit. Obviously, the big chain players are getting their free donuts out, but also be sure to check the local alternatives. Dunkin Donuts The big boy of the donut game, Dunkin will be giving away free donuts with...

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