We’ve got a bit of a conference exhaustion after a very busy Thursday, but Devon O’Reilly and Fletcher Sharpe picked up themselves and we digitally got together for a little post-Detroit Policy Conference conversation. And a lot more.

02:08 – Can Michigan grow? Some say that retainment should be the focus over attraction. Do we need a different strategy? Is it realistic to say all areas will grow?

07:47 – Although there were complaints transit wasn’t on the agenda, transit was everywhere in the discussion at the Detroit Policy Conference. One speaker, Michael Griffie, talked about expanding the Detroit People Mover, and none other than Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said it’s something they’re looking at. We discuss!

12:31 – Word is the Detroit Auto Show is moving back to January next year. Will that help bring back the shine and interest? People seem very divided and there’s been a lot of feedback. We discuss.

17:00 – Is it generational divide, or cognitive dissonance? Many are very surprised that with the Michigan Growing Together council this is the first many leaders are hearing about issues with the region and state. Yet, people in their 40s and under – this is the air we breathe, seeing friends move off and stay in other regions. Did the conference finally publicly air a pretty big generational divide?

Did you want to see the speaker sessions? Sessions are being posted online. A couple are already up, just go for the latest videos on the Detroit Chamber YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/@DetroitRegionalChamber/videos

Thanks so much to our listeners who stopped by and said hello. You’re greatly appreciated. 

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