Good news on the travel front. Detroit, with the opening of some new hotels, new nightspots, and a resurgent attitude in the downtown area is predicted to join Chicago as one of the top  destinations for tourism in the United States and the Midwest, says

In their list of top predictions for 2015, this is what they had to say for their first prediction:

Detroit’s resurgence will continue and the city (currently ranked the 28th most popular domestic destination according to HPI) will join Chicago (ranked sixth) as the only other Top 25 U.S. destination in the Midwest. After emerging from two years of bankruptcy, new hotel openings, such as the Aloft Detroit at the David Whitney, and the addition of new downtown entertainment and nightlife options will help the ongoing revitalization of Detroit.

Other predictions on the list include even more usable of mobile devices for hotel bookings (not surprising), Denver is a surging destination (turns out legalized Marijuana is a boost for their tourism industry), pop culture being a tourism driver (Albuquerque, New Mexico, for instance for “Breaking Bad” enthusiasts) and more demand for complimentary breakfast (well, who doesn’t like free breakfast?).

If you’re looking for more information on traveling to Detroit, check out our own Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau. They have a blog, too.

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