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Michigan's Jolly Pumpkin Tapping Into Chicago, Will Open Restaurant And Brewery In Hyde Park

Jolly Pumpkin is a local favorite here, with their Midtown Detroit, Ann Arbor and original Traverse City locations doing a brisk business. Word is that that the popular eatery and brewery will be opening a fourth location in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, near the University of Chicago, in 2017. It’s going to run 5,800 square feet and the restaurant will serve craft beers, distilled spirits, and wines available through the Northern United Brewing Company (NUBC) brand – including Joll...

WATCH: What Do People In Chicago Really Think About Detroit?

On a recent trip to the windy city, we decided to hit the streets and ask a simple question to anyone who would talk to us – and we found lots of people would. What do you think about Detroit? There’s always this talk about positive buzz about Detroit in other cities, and we wanted to find out if this was truly the case. In this Daily Detroit original video, which should be taken more as fun than as science, we hit a few neighborhoods by L-Train and city bus from our downtown crash pad suc...

WATCH: What Do People In Chicago Really Think About Detroit?

Chicago and Detroit have a unique relationship. We are similar in many ways, and in others, we are definitely not. And in some areas, like sports, we’re bitter rivals. Both cities lost something near a million people since the 1950’s. That said, Chicago still has 2.6 million people as of 2010 where Detroit’s was down to just north of 700,000 (and now, even less). Whereas since 2010 Detroit’s population has continued to drop, the city of Chicago has actually grown. Detroit’s 139 square miles is...

Detroit Predicted To Join Chicago As Only "Top 25" U.S. Travel Destinations In Midwest

Good news on the travel front. Detroit, with the opening of some new hotels, new nightspots, and a resurgent attitude in the downtown area is predicted to join Chicago as one of the top  destinations for tourism in the United States and the Midwest, says In their list of top predictions for 2015, this is what they had to say for their first prediction: Detroit’s resurgence will continue and the city (currently ranked the 28th most popular domestic destination according to HPI) wi...

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