If you’re on the hunt for a wicked way to spend your Friday night, then check out the launch party of Detroit’s newest independent record label, Palm Tapes.

Starting at 8 p.m., they’re serving up a curated selection of some of Detroit’s finest artists for your listening, dancing, and rocking pleasure, live at The Duck Pen, located at 1360 West Elizabeth Detroit in Corktown.

Palm Tapes is the brainchild of a local artist known only as Max, who first conceptualized the label in 2011 while living in Ann Arbor.

Inspired by the work of BYG Actuel artist, Sonny Sharrock, Max sought an outlet through which he could explore more experimental, improvisational music. After several years of Palm Tapes sitting on the back burner, he decided to resurrect the label idea as a vehicle for a releasing a wider range of music, in addition to the improvisational material he was into at the time.

“I don’t think I realized you could just start your own label until meeting Aaron Dilloway at the Detroit Art Space around 2001,” Max tells us. “I was in high school and my friends and I were massive fans of Wolf Eyes. Those dudes were, and are, so inspirational. Aaron gave me some cassettes that night. It was stuff he dubbed himself. I know there was a Whitehouse album on one side of a tape, and maybe, King Tubby on the other side. It was quite a range.”

Max’s eclectic taste is reflected in the artists that call the Palm Tapes label home.

Thus far, he’s released the work of three local artists – Sunken Road, with their hypnotic, droney, guitar heavy songs. Dead Beast, which rides on the heavier side of rock, combined with guitar driven, psychedelic punk vibes amidst excellent guitar interplay. And finally, Gaye Israel – the bedroom pop stylings of local artist, Chad Silbert, offering charming and simplistic melodies perfect for a summer cruise down the John C. Lodge highway.

Tonight’s show – a BYOB event that can be enjoyed with or without costume –  will feature local artist and duck enthusiast, Clyde Moop, who’s music combines elements of dub reggae, rap, techno; Radio Brovold who was recently named one of the best new artists in Detroit by the Metro Times; and Cruise Director, the solo project of local sweet heart Brian Burke.

In addition to the live bands, you’ll have the chance to pick up the newest releases from all the killer Palm Tapes artists.

The all local lineup on both the Palm Tapes label and at tonight’s show point to Max’s lasting love and commitment to the contemporary music of Detroit.

“I love a lot of music from Detroit,” he says, “I try and get out to some techno and house shows. The wealth of talent in Detroit for that is off the charts. I’m a huge fan of that music.”

As for the future of Palm tapes, Max says it’s an open book.

“We have some new releases in the works. One I’ll mention is from Graucho, which is the moniker for Dave Rosman of Lord Scrummage. Dave and I have a long musical history, which probably started with us recording on his four track when we were thirteen. As lots of people will tell you, Dave is an amazing musician.”

Akin to the rest of the Palm Tapes releases, you can expect an eclectic and original sound from the Graucho album.

“I’m excited for this album,” says Max. “I’m not sure there is a lot of stuff coming out that really shares its sound. It’s hard to describe, and in some ways different than anything I’ve heard, so stay tuned, and come say hello at the party tonight!”

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