As much as we like bits and bytes, the Internet is, well, bits and bytes. Often, people long for the physical – something you can stick in a scrapbook, share with friends, or keep as a momento that you don’t have to plug in and charge up to enjoy.

PixelPrint, a startup based in Detroit’s Grand Circus co-working space, is a deceptively simple proposition in that it’s basically the next generation of the photo booth.

Founder Nev Muftari has been at it almost two years, and finding traction with a service that gives people their memories, right on the spot, especially at events for the social media savvy crowd.

“Photo booths were boring and old and very traditional and with the rise of social media and people posting million of pictures on Instagram everyday, [I thought] it was a good way to take advantage of what people are already doing and give them incentive to do so,” said Muftari.

When we caught up with Nev, he was working with Slow Roll and New Belgium Brewery where he was implementing a new feature that brands have a lot of interest in, contests using social media.

“Today at Slow Roll we’re doing a giveaway. So you take a photo and upload it to your Instagram [with a hashtag], it gets printed, and your picture can get randomly selected to win a camera from New Belgium,” said Muftari.

After all, it makes those internet bits and bytes just a little more tangible and fun when you have the opportunity to win stuff, and contests are one of the hottest spaces in the marketing scene right now.

With a little experience now under his belt, we asked Nev if he had any advice for other Detroit entrepreneurs.

“Network, meet people, go out, give away things for free in the beginning if you have to. Just get your name out there and build up good will,” said Muftari.

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