Midtown Detroit received a fresh dose of high quality shopping Tuesday, as The Detroit Clothing Circle has finally opened its doors.

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Located at 3980 Second Avenue, the chic boutique features a myriad of hand picked wares that are both style savvy and surprisingly affordable.


Owner and curator Michael Dedenbach sources the gear from about 20-30 resale shops in the region, and also works with a number of local designers, allowing him to offer a dynamic and unique selection of clothing for both men and women.


“I’ve always loved clothes and wanted a bunch of them, but always had a limit on what I could afford,” he says. “I started buying clothes for friends, and my stock just kept growing through my Instagram and Etsy business, so I finally decided to open a store.”

Dedenbach designed the store himself and handled most of the construction with the help of friends and family. Most of the construction materials were locally sourced, including reclaimed wood from all across the state and piping from Federal Piping in Detroit.


The space is immaculate. Clean and crisp. Well designed with a smart use of space, allowing for a huge about of stock to fit into a relatively small store.


The store is down to earth and truly affordable, with an eclectic mix of clothes sure to suit a variety of tastes.


“We’re not any one type of clothing store. It’s a just place for individuals who want to express themselves. I think clothing is the first line of expression, so if you can do it right you might as well,” he tell us, “I think Detroiters deserve a place that they can walk to, rather than having to order stuff online or drive 30 minutes outside the city. And I like to think people will always find fare prices here.”



“My goal is to dress people well. The idea is that everyone should own a $200 pair of jeans, but no one should pay $200 for a pair of jeans. Once you take the tag off, you can’t tell where they’re from.”


Store hours are 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, so head over and get your style on.

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