Want your money to go farther? Consider doing business with a Metro Detroit company that gives back to the community. Not only do you get quality products – pizza, clothes, etc. – but you also get the opportunity to support local business and your community. Need a place to start? Check out the list below for Metro Detroit businesses giving back.

1. Buddy’s Pizza

Buddys Pizza

Buddy’s has awesome pizza, but that’s not all you’ll find at this great Metro Detroit restaurant. The chain has a long history of giving back to the community, in more ways than one. The business’s current campaigns include Motown Fridays and the Great Lakes Pizza Collection.

During Motown Fridays, Buddy’s will donate two dollars from each Motown Pizza purchased to the Motown Museum. If you purchase a pizza from the Great Lakes pIzza Collection, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Alliance for the Great Lakes, which will help provide local schools with educational curriculum.

2. Breathe in Detroit

Breathe in Detroit

Need clothing that makes a powerful statement and gives back? Look no further than Breathe in Detroit. Started by Cynda D’Hondt, Breathe in Detroit offers quality, local items that feature her signature Detroit Om.

Two dollars from every clothing purchase is donated to the Children’s Center and Summer in the City, two charities aimed at improving the lives of Detroit’s youth.

Animal lovers can get in on the action, too. D’Hondt’s Bark in Detroit line offers cute clothing options for man’s (or woman’s) best friend. Proceeds from the Bark in Detroit line are donated to Detroit’s no-kill animal shelter, IHeartDogs.

3. Detroit Water Ice Factory

Detroit Water Ice

Owned by Mitch Albom, Detroit Water Ice Factory reflects Albom’s childhood experience with this unique dessert and his desire to help the community. Stop in to grab a delicious frozen dessert. All of the money you spend at Detroit Water Ice goes to support S.A.Y. Detroit, a nonprofit that helps Detroit’s neediest citizens.

4. Meijer


This regional grocery chain offers more than low prices and a one-stop shopping place. Meijer is invested in its community, supporting local organizations and events. Whether the chain is hosting an event at the Grand Rapids Public Museum or supporting youth at the Wisconsin State Fair, it’s clear that Meijer is committed to improving its community.

Meijer also lends a helping hand year-round through its Simply Give program. The chain has helped its food pantry partners restock depleted shelves, ensuring that they have enough food on hand to meet their communities’ needs.

5. Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs

While it’s not a local chain, Firehouse Subs has long been a supporter of first responders around the nation. Founded by two firefighters, Firehouse Subs is acutely aware of the struggles our first responders face. The restaurant chain supports first responders through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

Shop With Purpose

Businesses need to make money to survive, so it’s great when a business decides to put some of its profits to good use. As a consumer, you do have some say in what happens to your money after it leaves your pocket. If you pick one of these five businesses, you’ll know that some of your money is going towards improving Metro Detroiters’ lives.

Do you know of any other businesses that are giving back? Let us know!

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