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PODCAST: Exporting Detroit's Products To The World, Zoo Poo, Brush Park, Buddy's Pizza Rumors & More

This is your Daily Detroit News Byte For Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018: * Brush Park could see another residential development * The Fillmore will go quiet for renovations * Detroit’s Project Greenlight safety program expands to a school * It’s getting more expensive to finance a car * A hot pizza rumor involving Buddy’s right near Comerica Park * The Detroit Zoo is giving away free poo in partnership with Detroit Dirt.. here’s how you get it * And a conversation with Sandra Choi from the...

Could Buddy's Pizza Go National? Company Takes Investment Cash To Expand

Could Detroit-style pizza from blue steel pans be a hit across the nation? The Michigan-based local chain with 12 locations in southeastern Michigan just announced that they’ve taken an undisclosed investment from CapitalSpring to recapitalize the company. The express goal was to “accelerate new store growth across the Midwest and beyond.” CapitalSpring is a private investment firm based out of New York that focuses on the restaurant industry. They firm manages assets of more than a $1.3 b...

Buddy's Is Giving Away Pizza For A Year And Free Posters This Weekend

Buddy’s Pizza is one of the pantheon of Detroit’s deep dish pizza places. Founded 71 years ago in Detroit at 17125 Conant Street (and the location is still there), the business has spread around the Detroit region like sauce and cheese on, well, pizza. To celebrate their 71st birthday, Buddy’s is giving away a special edition poster of their original location as well as to one lucky winner, Buddy’s Pizza for a year. The return of “Buddy’s Pizza Day” brings three contests: Poster Giveaway –...

5 Metro Detroit Businesses That Are Giving Back

Want your money to go farther? Consider doing business with a Metro Detroit company that gives back to the community. Not only do you get quality products – pizza, clothes, etc. – but you also get the opportunity to support local business and your community. Need a place to start? Check out the list below for Metro Detroit businesses giving back. 1. Buddy’s Pizza Buddy’s has awesome pizza, but that’s not all you’ll find at this great Metro Detroit restaurant. The chain has a long history...

10 Detroit Foods To Devour On Eat What You Want Day

Today is “Eat What You Want Day,” and that means a unique opportunity (as it’s a holiday, the Internet said so) to take a break from your diets, give in to your gastronomic urges and have something that you maybe normally wouldn’t – or have desired to for a long, long time. We’re here to help you with some amazing Detroit food suggestions. Even if it’s not exactly Eat What You Want Day, you can enjoy these Detroit area specialties. Some on our list are old favorites, and some are newer additio...

Buddy's Wins Award For Tastiest Pizza In North America

Buddy’s Pizza won the Chowzter award for “Tastiest Pizza in North America,” and they made this little video about Buddy’s to explain why they won. It also gives a mini-crash course in Buddy’s history, and features the original location on 6 mile and Conant. For those of us who love pizza in Detroit, we know that Buddy’s gets a lot of great press for their square, sauce-on-top, chewy crust combinations. However, an award for best pies on the continent is recognition to brag about. Never heard o...

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