In a move that's got the whole Detroit region talking, General Motors is leaving the RenCen in 2025 to take up the upper floors of the office space at Hudson's Detroit. 

But that leaves one of Detroit's most iconic buildings without a clear path. Bedrock and GM are going to work over the next year to think about what it looks like going forward, but we take a first take at it, and talk about some of the amenities we'd like to see - and what the city might need. 

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The rundown:

01:46 - General Motors will be moving out of the Ren Cen and into Dan Gilbert's Hudson's Detroit in 2025

02:50 - Details we know are sparce, but could a shiny new building make people want to come to the office again? 

04:09 - Redeveloping the Ren Cen into residential, if possible, could be the best move to improve Downtown Detroit's population, the lowest by percentage (and in some cases, raw numbers) among like regions in the country.

08:29 - RenCen speculation, what is going to happen to this iconic building? What would we like to see? Also offering something that suburbs can't - density and types of city-focused living. Greater Downtown Detroit has room for 50,000+ more people for it even compare to other major downtowns as far as residential, and also boost the city's population numbers; but there'd need to be real density and the RenCen could help with that. 

11:47 - Gilbert had this idea to pitch this move to GM years ago when he first talked to Mayor Duggan about his plans to build Hudson's Detroit. It's been in the works a long time, and a reminder these leaders are always talking.

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