We are used to seeing Justin Verlander and his Tiger teammates take the field for games, while the wives cheer them on.

However, today the tables were turned when Verlander’s fiancé Kate Upton did a full Marine workout next to the football field at Wayne State University, with Verlander and their dog Harley, watching.

Upton was joined by five other Tiger wives, Allison Bell, Kelsey Fulmer, Janelle Presley, Blanca Vizquel, and Kristin Wilson.

The workout was lead by Gunnery Sergeant Sara Pacheco (pictured below). If you go to the morning Marine workouts during Marine Week you will get a chance to meet her for yourself.

Their goal with the event today was to bring awareness to the Wins for Wariors Patriot Ruck, happening during Marine Week in September.

“The Wins for Warriors Patriot Ruck is sponsored by Under Armour. It is to show our support. These Marines put on the ruck sack on and hike 20 miles with a 100 pound backpack and full gear and it’s an incredible  show of strength and endurance,” said Justin Verlander. “So this is just a way to give back and show our appreciation for these men and women. You can come down to hart plaza and bring your backpack, it doesn’t have to be the 100 pound variety.”

Those who are interested in signing up for the Patriot Ruck will be able to choose from a 3 mile ruck or a 6 mile ruck. All experience levels are welcome, and there is no weight limit for your own backpack during the ruck.

It is $35 per person or $25 for military members or veterans. All proceeds will go towards local military members and veterans through the Wins for Warriors Foundation.

The Patriot Ruck will start at Hart Plaza on Saturday, September 9 at 8:00 a.m.

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