Well, this was bound to happen. The Tiger Watch guys have launched a T-shirt sale, capitalizing on their brief brush with Internet stardom on Tuesday.

If you aren’t familiar with the back story here, check out our article about the debacle. In a nutshell, a photographer brought some live animals into the Packard Plant for a photo shoot, a tiger wandered off, and all out Internet madness followed shortly there after. It’s not the first time a wild animal has wandered around Detroit, but it certainly is the most recent.

Fortunately, the dynamic duo who helped the photography team wrangle the giant tiger aren’t leveraging their new found stardom to pocket cash for themselves. Instead, these good hearted Homo Sapiens launched a T-shirt website to raise money for two nonprofit animal rescue organizations, Dog Aide, a local dog rescue, and The Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary.

#TigerWatch15 Fundraiser from Andrew Didorosi on Vimeo.

If you question their motives, don’t fret, because as the guys explain on their website:

“We’re hoping you’ll snag a tee and show your support for improving animal welfare here in Detroit. Once this whole thing is complete, we’ll publish the financials so you can see where every dime went.”

It’s nice to see these fellas turning a weird and rather absurd Internet fervor into something meaningful. We wish them the best of luck and hope they raise some bucks for a pair of great causes.

If you want to claim your own piece of Tiger Watch Memorabilia and contribute to a great cause, you have to act fast, because the shirts are only on sale until September first. There are three designs and they are $22 each.

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