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Packard Plant coming down // Tigers optimism // Larkin out for two weeks

Fletcher Sharpe is in - and we talk about a big demolition underway, the Tigers and Red Wings. 01:16 - The final parts of the Packard Plant are coming down, and Fletcher has thoughts. We also get into the taking down of the old Hannah YMCA on East Jefferson near Sinbads. We also get into what's next for the Packard site - or at least what the city administration is angling for. 08:31 - There's real optimisim for spring training for the Detroit Tigers. 12:54 - Dylan Larkin is out for two weeks...

Yep, It's Real - Get Your Very Own #TigerWatch2015 T-shirt

Well, this was bound to happen. The Tiger Watch guys have launched a T-shirt sale, capitalizing on their brief brush with Internet stardom on Tuesday. If you aren’t familiar with the back story here, check out our article about the debacle. In a nutshell, a photographer brought some live animals into the Packard Plant for a photo shoot, a tiger wandered off, and all out Internet madness followed shortly there after. It’s not the first time a wild animal has wandered around Detroit, but it cert...

6 Crazy Animal Escapes And Escapades From Detroit's History

Sometimes, it seems like humans really do rule the animal kingdom. We’re at the top of the food chain. We’ve made weapons that help us maintain our place there, and we even build pretty awesome stuff to make our lives comfortable. However, animals have a way of reminding us that, despite all our accomplishments, we don’t always have our ducks in a row. In the wake of Monday’s tiger Packard Plant escapade, we’ve decided to dig into some Detroit history and find other instances where animals e...

ABSURD: Tiger Escapes During Photo Shoot In Packard Plant

Move aside, Paws, it looks like there’s a new tiger in town. After a series of photos and videos surfaced on social media earlier today, sources with the Packard plant have confirmed that British photographer David Yarrow had brought a large tiger, two wolves, and a bobcat into the plant earlier today. According to the about page on Yarrow’s website, “David has built an unrivalled reputation for capturing the beauty of the planet’s remote landscapes and endangered animals.” I think this ti...

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