Have you ever driven down Caniff in Hamtramck and wondered what that purple house with the giant white ant painted on the side of it was?

Welcome to The Planet Ant Theater.

The Planet Ant has some pretty cool history. It was originally a coffee shop that had poetry nights, musical performances and art shows. Then one day in 1996 Keegan Michael Key talked the owner into turning it into a theater.

For years members of the Planet Ant have been performing improv, sketch, and plays in the small black box theater that seats around 50 people.

In February they were able to purchase the banquet hall that is across the street. This new building has been named The Ant Hall. They are currently turning the old banquet hall into a performance space. This means that more people will be able to experience the joys of the Planet Ant.

The Planet Ant needs our help to finish this huge project. They are currently in the final days of a fundraising campaign. So far they have raised over $23,700 since the campaign started.

They have some pretty sweet incentives if you donate; like posters to any show from the past five years, t-shirt, even an ANThem. For a $1,000 donation the Planet Ant House Band will write a personalized song about you and then play it at the opening night party.

This is probably the best time to chip in because there is a $4,000 dollar for dollar matching challenge going on. There have been numerous matching challenges, but this is the biggest one yet.

The Planet Ant is a huge part of people’s lives. It is often a second home to those who not only perform but who are in the audience. It’ll be quite the treat when they open their new space.

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